Our Logo

Monmouth Advanced Medicine logoOur logo is the symbol for the International College of Applied Kinesiology. We have adopted this logo for our office because it best represents what we are trying to achieve. Our goal is to provide our patients true health and the power to enjoy life. This can only be achieved by balancing the three factors of health; STRUCTURAL, CHEMICAL and MENTAL. When any of these factors are weak or out of balance; decreased function occurs and leads to pain and disease. Improving these three factors leads to true health and to the enjoyment of life.

The first thing you notice about our logo is that there is a man in the middle. This is done to emphasize that the patient should always be the center and focus of the care. A care plan should be adapted to fit the patients specific needs and goals. Too often in today’s medical model, the patient is adapted to the care available or to the insurance plans parameters. We always strive to provide individualized care that is designed specifically for each patient. The difference is seen in the successful results we achieve.

The triangle surrounding the man represents the three factors that effect a persons health; STRUCTURAL, CHEMICAL and MENTAL. Note that the triangle in our logo is an equilateral triangle. This represents the fact that all three factors of health need to be in balance to achieve full function, true health and the enjoyment of life.

The STRUCTURAL factor is concerned with the neuromuscular system which includes muscles, joints, and nerves. It also is used to represent the physical lifestyle of a patient; do they exercise, are they over weight, have they had an injury, and any other event that may put additional stress on the neuromuscular system. An imbalance or weakness in this area will cause joint pain, muscle weakness, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, etc. Correcting the problems in this is the area is usually achieved with chiropractic, physical therapy, and exercise.

The CHEMICAL factor is concerned with the biochemistry of the body. The biochemistry of the body is effected by outside events and internal events. Outside effects include dietary habit, water quality, air quality, medications, chemical exposures at work or home and many more items. Internal effects are concerned with how your body deals with the nutrients you take in, how well the body is able to deal with the removal of toxins and the organs involved with these processes. An imbalance, where the patient is not taking in enough nutrients or not removing enough toxins, will lead to dysfunction and poor health. This is the area where vitamins, minerals, dietary changes and herbals come into the healing process.

The MENTAL factor is concerned with the emotional stresses a patient is under and how well they are able to handle the stress. There are many outside emotional factors that effect each patient; work, home, finances are just a few. We are all only built to only be able to handle so much stress. When there is to much emotional stress and it is greater then a patient’s ability to handle, that is when dysfunction occurs and leads to anxiety and stress. This area is where stress reducing exercises, alpha-stim, NET and herbal remedies play a key part.

The last part of symbol is represented by a large circle surrounding the man and has five smaller circles set equally around it. The letters inside the these small circles represent the main avenues used to improve the body’s function and restore balance and health; N – nervous system, NL – neurolymphatic system, NV – neurovascular system, CSF – cerebral spinal fluid, AMC – accupuncture meredian system. While these may mean nothing to the average person, they represent over 5000 years of worth of medical knowledge from around the world. These circles represents the best known healing processes from; modern medicine, accupuncture, chiropractic, osteopahty, cranial sacral technique, and many more less known healing therapies.

Our logo represents who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Balance, Function, True Health and The Enjoyment of Life.