Using Spina System at Monmouth Advanced Medicine

“I thoroughly enjoy the care and treatment that I received at Monmouth Advanced Medicine.”


Troy P.

“I was in terrible pain from two bulging discs. After the treatment I am pain free.”


Sherry K.

“I was experiencing numbness in my feet due to a disc pressing on my spinal cord. It was also causing me to trip and stumble due to foot drop. After the treatments, the numbness has disappeared and I am walking normally.”
Lee M.

“After two to three weeks of treatment I was amazed at the amount of relief I felt after suffering in pain for a year and a half.”


Carol W.


  • With the first 4-6 treatments I had a tremendous decrease in pain and my mobility increased! It was the first time in 3 years I had been without pain.
    - Janet J.
  • While providing me nearly 100% lower back relief, the expense has been quite minimal relative to the prior treatments that provided no results at an exorbitant cost.
    - Tom W
  • I was told that I had to have spinal shots or surgery to receive any pain relief. This program has given me so much less pain that I can drive and sit again!
    - Wendy K.